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Oh Snap! by Mark Strivings Unterhaltsame Routinen mit rotem Schnapper

Oh Snap! by Mark Strivings Unterhaltsame Routinen mit rotem Schnapper

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    Führen Sie mit einem roten Schnapper die wildesten, lustigsten und unterhaltsamsten Zaubertricks... mehr

    Führen Sie mit einem roten Schnapper die wildesten, lustigsten und unterhaltsamsten Zaubertricks vor! Der Schnapper ist kinderleicht zu transportieren und erlaubt es Ihnen, vor einem oder 100 Zuschauern aufzutreten und jederzeit startklar zu sein, um erneut aufzutreten. Dabei können Sie auch noch umringt auftreten und brauchen keine Tricktechniken.

    Sie erhalten einen roten Schnapper inklusive einer leicht verständlichen Anleitung in englischer Sprache.


    I've been doing this for 20 years and it has never failed to garner strong reaction wherever it is shown. I recently performed it at the local magic club. Here's what the club president, Matt Brandt, had to say:

    "When Mark pulled the Red Snapper out of his pocket, I must admit more than a few eyebrows were raised, but what followed was 5 solid minutes of very funny, magical entertainment. He was able to entertain the whole room of magicians with the humblest of props. It was simply amazing to see how much mileage he could get out of a prop that fills the bottom of many a magi's junk drawer. Watching the routine made me reconsider what other hidden gems could be hiding in my drawer. Mark's use of the Red Snapper proves that SMART and SIMPLE, are superior to expensive and complicated."

    That's right, the Red Snapper. This is my routine and handling of something that many have but very few actually do. And even then, the vast majority of those who do use it don't have an actual routine as such. It's one of those props that seems to defy not only routining but having a routine that actually builds. There are very few Snapper routines in print and none of them have the spectator being successful in making the Snapper do its thing. This routine is the lone exception.

    Plus, there is an actual finish to this routine that no one will see coming. The entire routine is loaded with laughs and bits of business. It's a ton of fun.

    The Red Snapper takes no room in your case and is always ready to go. You can do this 1-on-1, or I have worked this for crowds of up to 100 people with no problem. There is no reset of any kind. There are no bad angles. There is no sleight of hand. The premise is very novel and easy to understand. Plus, this routine is way funny. The laughs are automatic. This belongs in your repertoire!

    You get the complete routine along with handling tips, care and feeding of your Snapper and a brief history of this wonderful little prop. Oh! You also get a Red Snapper!

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