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Nick Lewin's Ultimate Microphone Holder (Black) Mikrofonhalter für freihändige Auftritte

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    Dieser hochwertige Mikrofon-Halter zählt zum Besten, was diesbezüglich auf dem Markt zu bekommen... mehr

    Dieser hochwertige Mikrofon-Halter zählt zum Besten, was diesbezüglich auf dem Markt zu bekommen ist! Der raffiniert designte Halter ermöglicht es Ihnen, freihändig aufzutreten und passt für jedes Handmikrofon, ist leicht anpassbar und wird Ihnen zusammen mit einem Transportkoffer geliefert.

    Der Mikrofonhalter für Profis ist in der Farbe Schwarz erhätlich und wird Ihnen inklusive Anleitung in leicht verständlicher englischer Sprache geliefert.


    New and Improved Design...

    The very best hands-free microphone holder in the market, with a subtle difference in design that places it head and shoulders above similar designs available for purchase.

    Whether you use it in every show, or just carry it with you so that you are never caught off guard when your cordless headset microphone gives out (as they all eventually do), this is a vital piece of equipment to own.

    This is the perfect microphone holder for any performer.

    It is strong and sturdy, unobtrusive, and minimalistic in design.

    • Fits any hand-held microphone
    • Easily adjustable
    • Silk carrying case included
    • The perfect back-up in any situation
    • Available in black

    "In all my years of traveling and performing stand-up, I never found anything that could do the job. Except now! It's genius!"
    - Steve Valentine

    "The only microphone they had was a wired handheld. Luckily, I had your holder in my suitcase and I was perfectly prepared. I'll never go anywhere without it anymore! Thanks again, you saved my life, well my voice at least."
    - Martin Lewis

    "Over the years, I have used every type of microphone and holder available. Nick has the very best mic holder ever designed for the working pro."
    - Jon Stetson

    "I always have it set and ready to go..."
    - Jason Andrews

    Here is a review of our microphone holder by top professional magician/mentalist, Jon Stetson:

    "To me, the most valuable purchases I make are the ones that take stress out of my life. The Lewin mic holder does that very thing. In my work, I'm flying from place to place over 250 days a year. It's not practical for me to carry sound equipment. Although I have a thorough contract rider requesting my needs for sound, lights, and staging, you never know exactly what you are going to find on arrival. Many clients don't fully understand the needs of a performer. The small silk bag that contains two of the mic holders are my insurance that I will not have any logistical microphone issues!
    "So, use it in every performance or carry the small pouch with you for insurance. It is the best thing I have put in my case in 10 years.
    "Bottom line, Nick Lewin's Mic Holder belongs in the working case of EVERY magician or mentalist."

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