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Mullica Wallet Hacked! with DVD, Books, and Props (Package) - Trickbrieftasche

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    Mit diesem überragenden Requisit erwerben Sie die meistgekaufte und professionellste... more

    Mit diesem überragenden Requisit erwerben Sie die meistgekaufte und professionellste Trickbrieftasche aller Zeiten! Hochgradig zuverlässig, erfordert diese Brieftasche keinerlei Vorbereitung, ist vor den Augen Ihrer Zuschauer sofort wieder einsatzbereit und kommt ohne Palmier-Methoden aus!! Lassen Sie die unterschriebene Karte Ihres Zuschauers in einer kleinen Tasche einer größeren Tasche erscheinen, während die eigentliche Brieftasche die ganze Zeit auf dem Tisch oder in den Händen Ihres Zuschauers lag.

    Zusammen mit der Mullica Brieftasche erhalten Sie vier atemberaubende Routinen für die Bühne und im Close-up, die Sie bis ins letzte Detail erlernen werden. Die Geheimnisse dahinter sind das erste Mal überhaupt für Mullica-Wallet-Käufer zugänglich, ebenso wie weitere Techniken und Handlings für den perfekten Umgang mit der Mullica Brieftasche.

    Sie erhalten das Trickset wie im Original-Produkttext gelistet inklusive einer englischsprachigen DVD, auf der Tricktechniken und alle erforderlichen Details professionell und ausführlich erklärt werden.


    Why the Mullica?
    The Mullica Wallet is one of the best-selling wallets of all time and used by more professional performers than any other wallet on the market. The reason for this is that the Mullica Wallet is dependable, requires no get ready or preparation, resets immediately in front of the spectators and features a no palming "card-to-wallet" method.

    Simple Plot
    The basic plot is simple. A spectator's signed card appears inside a small wallet nesting inside a larger one that's been in your pocket, lying on the table in plain view or being held by a spectator. The method is easy, practical and within the reach of any performer.

    Bill Abbott's vault of knowledge on the Mullica Wallet is blown wide open in Mullica Wallet HACKED! Four commercial killers ripped straight from Bill's working repertoire! Close-up pieces and a stage worthy routine with every detail and secret revealed for the very first time. In addition to the four routines, Bill will teach you techniques, handlings and secrets that can be applied to any Mullica style wallet.

    Routines Performed and Explained:
    BLING! -
    A spectator's ring is borrowed and instantly tossed across the room, only to be found inside your wallet a second later.
    Wrecked! - Even after a signed card is torn apart and tossed away it is found completely restored deep inside your wallet - TWICE!
    Hacked! - The definitive (and easiest) any-card-thought-of in-wallet routine.
    Invisible Dictionary - Any word is thought of and revealed in an entertaining way.
    The Omen - The ultimate prediction system that fools pros and books gigs! On stage or up close.

    Included on the DVD:

    • An in-depth look at the functionality, practicality, and workings of most of the available Mullica style wallets currently on the market today.
    • Each routine performed and explained in extreme detail.
    • Bill Abbott's easy-action load for the fastest and smoothest loading of playing cards, predictions, credit cards, etc.
    • The Mullica used as a multiple peek device for design dupes, thought revelations, etc.
    • Bill's gift card force for the Omen and other prediction style routines. It creates time misdirection and an additional WOW kicker.
    • A secret tool to add to any Mullica wallet to create an even smoother load. Every time.

    Props and Tools Included:
    Mini Promo Pack
    100 giveaway kits for potential clients that they will keep.
    Omen Prediction Pads for 100 performances.
    Double Blank Deck manufactured by USPCC for the Wrecked! routine.
    Daryl's 53 on 1 Card - The best revelation card of its kind and integral to HACKED! Bill's any-card-thought-of-in-wallet routine. Poker size, Bicycle Rider backed card expertly printed exclusively by the U.S. Playing Card Company.

    "We are offering limited edition packages that include the only wallet fully endorsed by the late Tom Mullica himself directly from the Mullica Estate, thanks to Paul Vigil and Stephen Mullica."
    - Bill Abbott

    "Heinz is manufacturing a WONDERFUL Mullica Wallet and I have nothing but nice things to say about the quality, workmanship and over-all 'classy' look of the wallet itself. My wallet is always 'set' and ready to go, plus it's a regular wallet that you'll be proud to carry. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - I bought the first one!"
    - Tom Mullica

    Made of fine quality soft leather and designed special for this effect and those that accompany the Mullica Wallet HACKED! Pro Package also included. Built to last and handles like butter, it's a beautiful wallet of outstanding quality and workmanship.

    Comes with written instructions and performance and instructions on DVD by Tom Mullica himself. And as an additional bonus Tom Mullica's "Joke Card" is included for his original routine, described and explained on the accompanying DVD.

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