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Ninja+ Deluxe SILVER (Gimmicks & DVD) by Matthew Garrett - Trick
Ninja+ Deluxe SILVER (Gimmicks & DVD) by Matthew Garrett - Trick

Ninja+ Deluxe SILVER (Gimmicks & DVD) by Matthew Garrett - Trick

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    "Holyshoot! Matthew had created a new and origianl trick. It works great both with Ninja Rings... more
    "Holyshoot! Matthew had created a new and origianl trick. It works great both with Ninja Rings and on it's own."
    - Shoot Ogawa, Ninja Rings Master

    This 3 DVD series explains every move that Matthew uses. The explanations are clear and easy to follow. There are basic moves & a beginner's routine so you can quickly & easily perform this effect. There are also more advanced flourishes, moves & an advanced routine for sleight of hand workers.

    DVD Contents:
      Volume 1 & 2 Chapters:

    • Silent performance
    • Introducing rings
    • Ninja Rings live
    • Difficulties with rings
    • Props
    • Crash link ninja ring
    • Crash link finger ring
    • Strike unlink Ninja ring
    • Links variations
    • Crash palm link
    • Crash unlink
    • Switching in Ninja+
    • Strike link Ninja+
    • Strike unlink Ninja+
    • Unlink to finger
    • Transposition move
    • Finger ring to other hand.
    • Drop link
    • Ninja+ chain
    • Basic chain unlink
    • Basic routine
    • Spin unlink
    • Fire production
    • Fire production & vanish
    • Ring sequencing
    • Flourishes intro
    • Coin roll
    • Jumping ring
    • Coin moves
    • Ring & rope
    • Flying link
    • Advanced routine
    • Advanced routine explanations
    • Credits
    • Beginner's Idea
    • Custom Sets
    • Bottle Links
    • Table Link
    • Hand Links
    • Forehead Link
    • Ring Moves
    • Neck Chain Link
    • Unlink To Finger
    • Bar Routine
    • Spellbound
    • Gaffed Flying Link
    • Balancing Link
    • Double Link
    • Advanced Ring Sequencing
    • Spin Sequencing
    • Watch Production

      Volume 3 Chapters:

    • Intro
    • Showcase
    • Crash Linking Other Objects
    • Multiple Rings
    • Polo Mints
    • Polo Crash Palm Link
    • Polo Drop Link
    • Polo Finish
    • Reusing The Broken Polo
    • Impromptu Polos
    • Polo Drop Link Variation
    • Competition Set-Up
    • Polo Demo
    • Switch In Moves
    • Switch Out Move
    • Reversing Switch In
    • Bottle Link With A Borrowed Ring
    • Bottle Link Improved
    • Ring Thing With Ninja+
    • Use Of Fire
    • More With Flash String
    • Himber Ring
    • Pocket Management
    • 2 Ring Gimmick
    • Ring Transposition
    • Managing The Finger Ring
    • Link Refinements
    • Unlink Refinements
    • Palming Worries
    • Spectator Management
    • Framing The Magic
    • Recommendations
    • Jazzing
    • Routine

      Shoot Ogawa Interview - 30 mins

    • Introduction
    • Ninja Ring Techniques
    • Minimising Movement
    • Ultimate Rings
    • Shoot's Ninja+ Ideas
    • The Bangle Link
    • The Bangle Unlink
    • Solid Ring Penetration
    • Toppits And Sleeving
    • Flicking Finger Ring Unlink
    • Logic For Ninja+
    • Shoot's Drop Link

      Bonus Items:

      • Late Additions
      • Matt Le Mottee Showreel
      Running Time Approximately: 95mins

      DVD contains both Engish and Spanish instructions.

      You receive everything you need to make this effect possible.
      The large rings are 4 1/2" (11.5cm)in diameter & are chrome plated.
      The smaller rings are a high quality 3 stripe gold and silver Tungsten Carbide. (NOTE: Size of boxed finger ring prop will vary and choice of size is not available.)

      "Absolutely Amazing!"
      - Derren Brown

      "Holyshoot!! Matthew has created a new and original trick. It works great both with Ninja Rings and on its own."
      - Shoot Ogawa, Ninja Rings Master.

      "I have thoroughly enjoyed fooling people with this. Thank you Matthew, you have a great idea here!"
      - Chris Capehart, Ringmaster.

      "Heartily recommended for close-up and walk-about.Ali Bongo, former President of the Magic CircleNinja+ is the only magic effect I've bought in the last 2 years! That's not just a quote, it's the truth."
      - David Stone

      "The best linking rings routine ever!"
      - Justin Miller

      "I suggest buying Ninja+ soon as possible, a brilliant routine!"
      - Lee Smith
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