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At the Table Live Lecture January-March 2016 (6 DVD set) Zauberseminar
At the Table Live Lecture January-March 2016 (6 DVD set) Zauberseminar
At the Table Live Lecture January-March 2016 (6 DVD set) Zauberseminar
At the Table Live Lecture January-March 2016 (6 DVD set) Zauberseminar
At the Table Live Lecture January-March 2016 (6 DVD set) Zauberseminar
At the Table Live Lecture January-March 2016 (6 DVD set) Zauberseminar

At the Table Live Lecture January-March 2016 (6 DVD set) Zauberseminar

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    Im ersten Quartal 2016 ist bei At The Table Live viel passiert, das Sie nun auf 6 DVDs nicht nur... mehr

    Im ersten Quartal 2016 ist bei At The Table Live viel passiert, das Sie nun auf 6 DVDs nicht nur lernen, sondern auch genießen können:

    Bereits im Januar ging es hoch her mit Rocco Silano, dem mehrfach preisgekrönten Zauberkünstler, der mit Routinen wie "Karte unter Glas", "Karte durch Tisch" und "Münze durch Tisch" etc. brillante Auftritte liefert. Lernen Sie in seinem Vortrag atemberaubende Zaubertechniken! Penn & Teller erklären Ihnen derweil alles zur Rauchproduktions-Technik, die sie zu einer extrem visuelle, mehrphasisen Münzroutine perfektioniert haben. Im Februar hat Gazzo u. a. einen Vortrag über seine "Black Bag"-Routine gehalten, mit der er auch bereits im Magic Castle aufgetreten ist. Chastain Criswell hat außerdem aus seiner 20-jährige Bühnenerfahrung erzählt: er arbeitet wie kaum ein Zweiter mit Becherspielen, Seilen und Karten und verrät Ihnen einige seiner größten Geheimnisse zu seinen Auftritten. Für besondere Fingerfertigkeiten und sein Auftritt in "Wizard Wars" ist indes Chris Ramsay bekannt. Er bringt Ihnen 15 absolut außergewöhliche Routinen mit Karten und einer Uhr bei, die keine Wünsche offen lassen. Zu guter Letzt hat auch noch der berühmte und extrem beschäftigte Zauberstar Mark Calabrese für einen zweiten Vortrag bei ATTL Zeit gefunden. Mit "Mystery Card" und "Cut for a kiss" weiht er Sie in seine aktuellen Trickgeheimnisse ein. Aber das ist noch längst nicht alles ...

    Sie erhalten sechs englischsprachige DVD, auf der Tricktechniken und Details der Vortragsreihe professionell und ausführlich erklärt werden.


    In this At the Table Experience DVD set we offer some masterful pieces of magic taught by the finest in the industry. January gets off to a smashing start with Rocco Silano, the only American to win awards at two FISM events and to be nominated nine times as "Magician of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts with his Card Under Glass, Card Through Table, Coins Through Table and Ring to Lime. You're about to learn some award winning magic. Rocco is fast, brilliant and mesmerizing. This is our most jam-packed At the Table lecture ever - and Rocco Silano is the perfect magic mentor. Arm yourself with some of the most cutting-edge magic from the most creative minds in the industry.

    Penn & Teller fooler and co-founder of Lost Art Magic, Eric Jones brings you a brand new, world-wide lecture. Eric's new lecture isn't filled with knuckle busting techniques, but rather with practical and potent magic that can be mastered in minutes. Two stand out: Smoke: How to roll and light an imaginary cigarette and make it produce smoke and Hellbound Spellbound: A hyper visual multi-phase coin routine that will go straight into your repertoire. Closely guarded secrets are revealed as Eric shares his thoughts on magic performance, theory and structure.

    Our February line-up begins with the KING of buskers, Gazzo. He's here from the UK to teach you his latest busking set that the magic world is buzzing about. You'll also see live footage of his performance at the Magic Castle. Hosted by Chris Oberle, we explore the ins and outs of a busker's life including one-liners, how to handle a crowd and some hilarious routines like his Black Bag trick, which is sure to fool and delight. Learn how to turn your street magic into cash with busking mastermind, Gazzo!

    Chastain Criswell has amassed an incredibly visual and entertaining array of effects through his twenty years of professional performances. From chop cups and ropes, to coins and cards, he's unlocking secret doors to teach you magic that will stun your spectators. Some of the effects include Tag: Chastain's very first marketed effect and one of the most unusual, impossible ways to locate a signed card in a shuffled deck. Chop Cup: This routine has been tested in the streets of some of the toughest performance areas and has risen to the challenge! Intertwine: Three unequal ropes are shown openly then stretched into three equal lengths, then immediately handed out to be inspected.

    We're glad to welcome Chris Ramsay for the first time to an At the Table Experience. Chris is best known for his appearance on Wizard Wars and through his ever growing social media platforms. He's a sleight-of-hand artist who brings a unique aesthetic style to his routines and his branding. Learn fifteen effects straight from his repertoire and all of his trade secrets! Chris takes a look at past releases such as The Praxis Control, a card control that will fool, and Klepto, a card steal. He's also brought some never-before-seen or published effects such as a hilarious watch-steal routine and a fantastic version of the Voodoo Card which will leave both magicians and laymen stumped. This lecture is guaranteed to have you practicing something new and practical.

    Mark Calabrese had a smash debut At the Table Experience and now he's back for a second installment. Mark is without doubt one of the busiest performers in New York today. He's also responsible for a ton of original effects that has swarmed the market in recent years. When he isn't trying to fool Penn & Teller, or consult for top magicians in the industry, Mark is always very busy, which is why we are delighted that he's made time to sit down for a second lecture. Mark brings us his fooling, entertaining and sometimes disturbing repertoire of effects such as Cut for a Kiss, the perfect effect for any couple, and Mystery Card, which includes multiple presentations for his take on the mystery card plot. You'll also hear his valuable thoughts on character development, approach and story line.

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